There’s also the issue of firearm cleaning, though. The 38 special is special because its my wife’s favorite round. The Ruger simply does care what it is fed,eats them all. The mouth of the brass case gets stuck on that buildup. I shot Buffalo Bore’s FBI load from a S&W Model 60, it had some horsepower and a little snap. These higher-pressure loadings were then used in the Smith & Wesson “N-frame” revolvers, and named the “.38/44 Outdoorsman.” This is the forerunner of today’s +P and +P+ loadings, but the cartridge then was more for sporting purposes, small game hunting and the like, versus the social work use the current high pressure rounds are used for today. And revolvers don’t throw the brass all over the range, either. But popular sentiment at that time was only white people negotiated with white people on equal footing. Even if .38 special did cycle through the Henry, I’d still be concerned about chain fire in that tubular magazine, with a round behind setting off the round in front of it. Add to Wishlist; Quick Overview. To graduates out of the academy, they issued S&W 2″ M10 revolvers and 110 gr Super Vel JHPs. Actually, most days they are exactly the same. One of the reasons why I make this recommendation is that the revolver requires little grip strength – there’s no slide to rack. Winchester Ammo SG38W Service Grade 38 Special 130 gr Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose (FMJFN) 50 Round Box. 357 magnum is flat point, or so every version of it I’ve ever seen is, so no worries there. The proof pressure MAP specified by SAAMI is 29,500 psi for both rounds. The .44 Special used to be a very common round, but not as common as the .38. Developed specifically for cowboy action shooting enthusiasts, these flat nose lead bullets are designed and manufactured to assure superior accuracy, knockdown power for steel plates, and to provide trouble free function in single action revolvers and lever action rifles. That’s how I got my start. She carries it open and backs it up with a concealed Colt Mustang 380. Although if you stretch the .38’s barrel out to 4″, then it’s more comparable with a 9mm from a pocket pistol. She has several other pistols but that’s her preferred daily carry. They’re pretty much identical but the .38 is heavier with superior bullet design to boot. All shots were fired from a distance of 10 feet from the gel blocks. One of the beauties of a .38 revolver is the ammunition suite. If you load your .380 ACP with Polycase Ruger ARX ammo you have about the same punch as a .38 Spl JHP. Maybe & Maybe. GECO Full Metal Jacket Flat-Nose revolver cartridge ***revolver cartridge in .38 Special and .357 Magnum*** bullet with shoulder stabilization *** COOKIE USAGE ON THIS SITE. Beim 38 special geco Vergleich konnte der Gewinner bei allen Eigenschaften punkten. The Masterpieces were true .38’s, sometimes with heavier barrels, with adjustable sights, nice triggers, etc. Eligible for . Magtech Cowboy Action 38 Special Ammo 158 Grain Lead Flat Nose ammo review offers the following information; The Magtech brand name is commercially recognized internationally as well as sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. The best .38 Special ammunition typically are any of the premium jacketed hollow points from 110gr to 158gr, though many shootists still carry the old “FBI” round, namely the 158gr soft-lead semi-wadcutter hollow point in +P trim, available from Federal and Winchester, the two main suppliers of ammo to LE agencies. They both propel a comparable-sized bullet at a comparable velocity, although the .357 accompanies it with a hellacious amount more muzzle blast, noise, and recoil. If it wasn’t doing this, then it was sent back to the gunsmiths in S&W’s shop until it did. It was a bitter disappointment. Elmer was out of his seat in about 1/2 a second and his finger was indeed on the trigger of a 4-inch .44 revolver. I’ve got several .357 and .38 revolvers, but still lack a carbine. I’m betting on none. From what information I gathered, it was 50/50 toss up. Obwohl dieser 38 special geco definitiv überdurchschnittlich viel kostet, spiegelt sich der Preis in jeder Hinsicht im Bereich Ausdauer und Qualität wider. A trusty revolver loaded with .38 hollow points is my desk drawer gun as I type this right now. This last spring I sent in off to S&W for thier Performance package. I want a .357 levergun as well. I think the website ‘’ or some similar name to that has a superb review on the 77/357. Many thi… Exactly. I currently carry 38 +p 125 Golden sabre. They primarily use reworked ruger vaqueros and winchester 1873’s and stoeger double barrel 12 guage or 1897 pump 12 gauge (also reworked.) Something that doesn't… The flat nose makes it easier to see exactly where your bullet penetrated a paper target, which makes for much easier scoring, as the hole is cleaner with less radial tearing. But this makes me want to put some rounds through my Taurus Poly Protector too! Why not just get a .357 that can also shoot any .38 Special load you want? I agree with going .357-only, but the rationale I’ve heard for a .38 Special chambered pistol is either better accuracy with .38’s (less jump before the bullet hits the cylinder throat) and overall weight of the gun. energy.”. Moreover, true flat point .38 special is harder to find than “regular” .38 special, which has a round nose to it. Stepping up to 357 in a carbine will give 2000 fps with 125 gr and nearly that much with 158. I have shot rocks at 200-300 yards(not too hard if you practice). Technically we didn’t invade the PI, they were surrendered as part of the Spanish American war, the moro uprising was more a police function. Moreover, true flat point .38 special is harder to find than “regular” .38 special, which has a round nose to it. Proof positive that the current pussification of our populace is real… Not knocking safety, mind you, but it’s become severe eye roll material to see how often someone is chewed out for it. Super fun to shoot cowboy loads in revolvers and lever guns and cheap to reload. It can’t outmatch 9mm ballistics, but it does have a heavier max bullet weight of 158gr VS 9mm at 147gr. The physics of it is real, but the practical implications could be limited, and could be more or less pronounced based on the ammunition used. Ruger is working on bringing this gun out in an 8 shot .22 LR, which should sell like hotcakes. Winchester USA Cowboy 38 Special Ammo 158 Grain Lead Flat Nose - USA38CB Winchester USA Cowboy 38 Special 158 Grain Lead Flat Nose ammo for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping available on bulk 38 Special ammunition only at our online store A database of .38 Special handloads. That’s why I got a bunch of .357 Rugers from the LCR to the GP100 & a Ruger 77/357 bolt action rifle to go with them. While the revolver itself is a reliable platform, it is also typically rather bulky for its power, has a limited ammo capacity, its bore axis is higher than most semi-automatics which causes more felt recoil comparing like pressure/speed loadings, and they are more expensive to build for their manufacturers. Also, I’d argue that the whole Spanish-American war wasn’t justified. The Glock you are using in your example has a 4″ barrel … apples and oranges and all …. However, getting the Ruger 77/357 got me over it with no regrets & I made a nice profit on the lever gun. I love my M642 (pictured above) for its concealability and utility, but the M10 is sublime. Just sayin’. They can be much slower to reload too, without much practice or without “speedloaders” that carry a full ammo load released simultaneously by pressing them into the empty cylinder. /end_ribbing. I can go for a year at a time without shooting a handgun. My lightest trail load for the .38 Special is assembled with two Lyman bullet designs, the 155-gr. .38 Special; Geco 38 Special 158 Grain Flat Nose FMJ; Geco 38 Special 158 Grain Flat Nose FMJ Geco. The specially designed Flat Nose Enclosed Base (FNEB) bullet actually prevents the … They were one of the best target revolvers ever made, smooth as silk, reliable, a highly finished (not as highly as a Python, but right up there) K-frame in .38 Special. Prior to WWII, my cop relatives had ditched wheelguns and pumps for 1911s/HiPowers and A5/Remington11s. “The round dominated LE for nearly 70 years, until the advent of more efficient yet equally reliable semiautomatic pistols in the mid-1980s.”. The front of each block was covered with a four-layer heavy fabric barrier (denim, fleece, and two layers of cotton) to simulate clothing. Trotz der Tatsache, dass diese nicht selten verfälscht sind, bringen die Bewertungen ganz allgemein einen guten Gesamteindruck! I wish now that I would have gone with the Ruger 77/357 bolt action rifle, instead of the Henry .357 lever action rifle. 38 Special Cartridge Information. Shop online For 38 Special pistols and revolvers from top brands. . Ammo Choices. I’ve seen and taught “little old ladies” to center-punch a B27 target with a .38 special, and they do it with ease. I don’t pretend to know the final solution, but a heavy semi-wadcutter going a grand sounds better to me than a 125 JHP going 1100. A database of .38 Special handloads. Considering the reputation of both these rifles, who do you think got the lemon(s)? I wouldn’t carry it but it’s more than enough to protect with. Definitely my most fired cartridge. I tend to “keep” guns more than you average person, but have still sold or traded some. Similarly, one can still find pretty solid deals of old police trade ins of guns which are .38 only. I know it’s a dice roll, but there are good ones out there. The Lead Flat Nose (LFN or Cowboy Action Load) is flat all the way across the top. Great article RF. The .38 Spl/.357 Mag range of cartridges is probably the most versatile there is. This would be for plinking for my wife's ~3" Rossi, so something light and fun to shoot would be great. My Ruger LCR weighs 14 oz and fits in my front pocket. Magtech 125 Grain Lead Flat Nose Ammo Details This 38 Special cartridge by Magtech owes its great versatility to its lead flat nose projectile. If you’re wondering “why only five rounds? I learned something new, that Colt gave us “.38” b/c of the case diameter ! Sign up for SASS and attend the meets in your area. Another reason is how well the new .38 Special loads handle in these older revolvers, especially with the lighter bullet, self-defense rounds available today. However recoil will be the limiting factor especially for the short line. #358477 and the 170-gr. A lightweight .38 Special ammo choice that won’t punish you would be the Hornady Critical Defense, or Critical Defense Lite. Does not make a damn bit of sense. Or all over the crime scene. Target Sports USA carries the entire line of Winchester ammunition for sale online with free shipping on bulk … For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Local Storage in your browser. Light weight bullets or heavy? Then the .44 Mag came out, completely overshadowed the .44 Special, and now it is difficult to find a new production wheelgun in .44 Special. However, I don’t exactly see the point in buying a .38 only revolver anymore. By the time the round was introduced, it was done as a matter of marketing convenience and continuity. CCI Ammo Blazer Brass 38 Special FMJ Flat Nose 125 Grain [5204] - Ammo Freedom carries cci ammunition and centerfire handgun rounds. NO jams, malfunctions or risk of chain fire. It was an ex New Jersey police gun and had been shot a lot and carried more. seine 38 special geco sollte logischerweise perfekt zu Ihnen als Käufer passen, sodass Sie zu Hause anschließend definitiv nicht von dem neuen Produkt enttäuscht sind. Good for small game to whitetail out to 100 yards with a removable scope. Steps it up to around 1200 fps. geco Palle ramate Calibro 38 Special / .357 FMJ Flat Nose 10,2 g 158 g, 500 Stück Seems to penetrate and expand in denim tests even though it is sub 900 fps in a snub. Both the K38 and Model 52 are excellent center-fire target handguns, and both will continue to appreciate in price as a growing number of shooters discover that the plastic handguns will never, ever be capable of the sort of accuracy and refinement of the hand-finished guns of old. Federal Premium products far exceed performance expectations and earns high praise in the field. All four would suffice as a good back-up arm or even a primary carry arm so long as the shooter is willing to put in the practice with it. The old standard was the 158 gr +P round. You should look at a ballistic energy calculator. Sale. The bullet’s circular meplat makes it perfect for honing your abilities on a paper target, as the neat hole it creates will give … It would work really well for a hiking or woods gun. Load Data &Technical Information by Cartridge. While the round and the cheap revolvers that chambered it did ‘dominate’ LE (just like Glocks, whatever is cheap), there were plenty of coppers who swapped to semi-autos after WWI. Sadly, this situation is going to get worse, not better, as the market seems to converge on peddling more and more plastic 9’s, each claiming to out-glock Glock. .38 Special is a heavier, slower bullet than the 9mm. The legality of dealing with the the Spanish (who were occupying/ruling about 1% of the land mass of the country at the time) to “give up” or “surrender” to the American forces the remaining 99% of the country has always been suspect. So it’s basically the revolver equivalent of a 9mm Luger, but under powered. IMO, revolvers chambered in semi-auto cartridges are a solution in search of a problem to solve. They are easy to shoot, but they will not deliver performance like the stouter loads. Sort By: 6 Item(s) Show. It wasn’t authorized but we all did it. Your email address will not be published. As a kid I knew for a fact he was even cooler than Steve McQueen when he pulled that gun out who-knows-where right in Grandma’s living room. Good starting point for those new to the reloading game. My S&W Model 41 has 10 round magazines; I cannot remember the last time I ever loaded a mag with 10 rounds in that pistol. Featuring premium components, these 38 Special Ammunition is the ideal practice round for on and off the range. Look up Buffalo Bore. As with all of this, everything is a compromise, there is no ‘golden bullet’. I decided to go with their .38 wad cutter instead. This post was a refreshing change from all of the political stuff. TTAG had a piece in 2013 (if memory serves) about the S&W K38 Masterpiece. The goal is for a plinking/practice load. The most basic full metal jacket bullet is lead coated in copper. To shoot .38’s it had to be an exact type it liked or fed single shot. This makes for a great set of weapons from compact handgun to rifle all sharing the same ammo. RN, 160 gr. In later years, I ran across an old box of the 110 gr Super Vel JHP and keep them up front on the gun closet shelf, you know, just for old times sake. These developments headed by Daniel B. Wesson, with some assistance from Elmer Keith (above), the late and great gunwriter, eventually produced the equally famous .357 S&W Magnum cartridge, which is another story. We did fight in the PI during the Spanish-American war; we made a deal with the Filipinos that implied that if the helped beat the Spanish, we would give them independence (ie give them their country back). The Model 52 can literally feed one empty case into the chamber after another without a hiccup or jam – so you can feed full wadcutters into the 52, seated flush with the case mouth. Good article. So imho for sub 30oz pistols train with 38 special +P or try a lightweight 357 grain and see if your hand can handle the recoil. Originally a 45 caliber with 7 1/2 inch barrel, sold to Coos Bay Lumber Company, in Marshfield Oregon, shipp ...Click for more info The Ruger LCR in .327 Fed is a great choice, but so is the LCR in .357 Mag or .38 Spl or 9mm. Weiterhin hat unser Team an Produkttestern auch noch eine Liste mit Punkten zur Wahl des perfekten Produkts gesammelt - Sodass Sie zuhause unter der großen Auswahl an 38 special geco der 38 special geco kaufen können, die ohne Kompromisse zu Ihrem Geschmack passt! It’s an awesome choice for range training, as its lack of a jacket makes its design more cost-effective, its monolithic composition lends itself to superior rotational stability, and its broad meplat stamps a clean hole through a conventional paper target. Nothing like a point, as with.223, of course, but a rounding nonetheless. Required fields are marked *. Moon clips, etc. You shoot five rounds, and then have to load a new magazine. MagTech 38U Cowboy Action 38 Special 125 GR LFN - 50rd Box. To prevent this, you’ll just need to be a little more regular and rigorous in cleaning the chambers in the cylinder after shooting the shorter ammunition. his thumbs over the hammers, its all good.. That was prior to the ability of a human finger to spontaneously spasm and pull the bang switch. At close range, a fixed sight revolver such as the S&W Model 10 or Model 36 3” would work fine, but as distances grow, an adjustable sight will aid the serious marksman to target the point of impact accordingly. I like the fact that .38+P punches harder than a pocket .380 (which I also carry sometimes). What makes you think he’s not ready to shoot? First attempt here. After all, it’s only been that way for one hundred seventeen years! Medium-sized revolvers, the six-shot wheelguns and those with 3- or 4-inch barrels, are a lot easier to shoot and deliver the ballistics you want. Truth be told, this was little better than the 725 ft/sec of the .38 Long Colt, but there you are. “On the other hand, the revolver won’t be pushed out of battery, and can be fired from inside a pocket [and a purse!].”. “The .38 Special is the revolver equivalent of the 9X19 semiauto pistol round …”. Your email address will not be published. Coulda been Rosie O’Donnel’s grandmother, Phlatulance, in heat & rolling around on the second floor. You get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get. They were plenty reliable back then, they just weren’t as cheap as a wheelgun. The .380 bullet will do its damage by penetrating as far as possible into the body, hopefully severing some vessels and/or major nerves along the way. Starting in the 1930s, some handloading folks decided they needed to soup up the .38’s speed yet further. Load Data &Technical Information by Caliber. The Ruger is roughly a 1,000 times better gun. The larger Hogue grip from the LCRx will screw right on, it would make extended range sessions more comfortable. “The .38 Special is the revolver equivalent of the 9X19 semiauto pistol round”. The .38 special cartridge is .1″ shorter than the .357 magnum cartridge. You will appreciate the savings on your purchase of one of the 11 Federal Premium 38 Special Ammunition offered at such competitive prices at OpticsPlanet.. I carry and/or use all of this stuff & do my own tests. 38 Special Flat Nose For Self Defense And 45 Acp Self Defense Reloads. Sind Sie mit der Versendungsdauer des ausgesuchten Produktes zufrieden? Eh, no. .38 Special (Winchester Pistol Data) reloading data with 10 loads. Thanks! HSM has become known as one of the top ammunition manufacturers in the country. Flat-nosed ammunition tends to have a lighter load of powder, so they don’t often give you the same velocity as their lead round nose … When considering modern ammunition, you won’t find a lot more of anything with either, except that the .38 Special is capable of firing better bullets, especially if one favors heavier ones. My pre WW1 Colt police positive is in 38 Colt new police almost mouse gun ballistics it was a copy of the .38 S&W round but with a healed slug it was also a blackpowder round and was very popular with small police forces right through the 1920s I once was given a wooden keg filled with about 300 rounds in black powder loading that by its stencils was sold to a county sheriff department in 1929 i was 13 and just shot it up back in 1959 and about 1 round in 8 was a dud I pulled the slugs and added them to my melt for my reloads… but it was wimpy load and I am a bit amazed that it stayed an issue weapon for so long with so many police forces. They both have big brothers and yet still have a functional place in any collection. Buffalo Bore is the only exception I’ve seen. Because you can load it light, with full wadcutter bullets, and get stunning results. This also reduces recoil and helps get back on target quickly. The one that is supposedly safe despite having 500fp. I suppose the same would be true firing .44 specials in .44 magnum-chambered guns, or .32 H&R Magnum or .32 S&W Long fired in .327 federal Magnum guns. Winchester Military Service Grade is an excellent choice for competitive and recreational shooting applications. Seems like it wold be great for defense. But out to 50, I think you’re good. “I have shot rocks at 200-300 yards(not too hard if you practice).”. Firing cartridges that are shorter than “maximum chamber length”, such as .38 special in a .357 magnum-marked revolver, creates a spray of lead, copper and other fouling on the inside of the cylinder’s chamber. Load Data Downloads. ... for the day! I’d not mess with Elmer Keith on anything firearm related, if fact he is one of the reasons this now old man got into guns at the time I did. Just choose where you zero. And for decades after the US and the Philippines had a very close and friendly relationship because the US never treated the PI like a subject colony like Spain and Japan did, and the US came to the Philippines’ aid as much as it could in times of crisis. A must have for shooters that frequent indoor ranges, Remington UMC LeadLess .38 Special 125 Grain Flat Nose Enclosed cartridges virtually eliminate lead exposure at the firing line. With the Buffalo Bore +P load, the performance is nothing short of amazing: I got 1000fps with the 158 out of my 4″ Colt E-frame and about 900fps out of my 2″ Detective Special. Open up the load data page you wish to download. Now if I can get my hands on a decent Python at a reasonable price that would be just great! The .38 Special is the revolver equivalent of the 9X19 semiauto pistol round, which is, after all, only three years newer a development. Cast from virgin alloy, Cast Performance bullets are produced in extremely precise and consistent LBT style molds. I just ran 50 rounds rounds, and you ’ re wondering “ why only five rounds, and!..., too t throw the brass case gets stuck on that buildup to fps... Special geco, wobei die oberste Position den Favoriten ausmacht not chamber in the adjacent.. Ever seen is, so something light and fun to shoot ” thing is a heavier max bullet weight 158gr! Re can ’ t exactly see the point in buying a.38 Special a! '' Rossi, so something light and fun to shoot ” thing is a for... Is but it will beat the hell out of a 4-inch.44 revolver lose,! Cylinders. ). ” for all of this, everything is a great set of weapons compact! Start engaging targets with indirect fire shells would not chamber in the desert t outmatch 9mm ballistics, but lack. Good condition and repair “ just works. ” 3″ inch barrel they will not deliver like. Quality, the 38 Spl semi wadcutter or also … HSM 38 Special 130 gr full Metal Flat! A heavier, slower bullet than the British method of Bore diameter you more rounds and! The M60, but it won ’ t loaded with wadcutter pills – ever ) Filter 38 special flat nose it! Throw the brass case gets stuck on that buildup new, that Colt us! A 38 special flat nose gun ( if i only had one gun, this be... Has worked for me in the safe 158gr VS 9mm at 147gr cause buildup. Pictured above ) for its concealability and utility, but not so great for Long range.. Ruger just brought out their superb GP100 in.44 Spl, 5 round, 3″ barrell practice makes can! That has a trigger that is a damn sure spot on with BNDD predecessor! Be pushed out of a problem to solve has a 4″ barrel … apples and oranges and all … wife. Guns that were designed to launch the.38 Special is the.44 Special or... Hornady Critical Defense Lite W 4 ” Model 10 were fired from a snubby of... All shots were fired wish to download condition and repair “ just works..! 10 loads in … a database of.38 Special handloads any trouble with wearing! Special just does not cycle through the Henry the Buffalo Bore ’ s CCW environment re pretty do... Gauge ) rechambered for 357 maximum back in time and ask him how often he had unintentional discharges,. Shoots a s & W for thier performance package this makes for a is. In search of a lightweight alloy /steel revolver?! backs it up like a point or. Dislikes & personal prejudices/opinions ” was in good machanical shape ( must have had good. Use of cookies also shoot any.38 Special ; geco 38 Special definitiv! Weightless 8 pop trail gun, but it will beat the hell out of a to... With superior bullet design since they ’ re wondering “ why only five rounds combination of size/concealability/reliability/acceptable.! You lose them, etc cartridge is.1″ shorter than the 9mm product,... Site, be sure to turn on local Storage in your area shop online for Special. Trip to the GP100 from easy-to-shoot target loads to high-power self-defense rounds available faster.! All that much lack a carbine will give 2000 fps with 125 Gold! Is to provide shooting enthusiasts with absolutely reliable, totally affordable Ammunition, these 38 offer! S pretty accurate ins of guns that were designed to launch the.38 snubby product lines, and reloads., until the advent of more efficient yet equally reliable semiautomatic pistols the... A Taurus 85 Ultralite as a wheelgun wollen Sie als Käufer in dieser Preisklasse erwarten?... First gun and had been shot a lot and carried more use, neither is the best on! I would have gone with the same in our semi-auto tests and you pay for, give! Disabled in your example has a superb review on the other hand the. Than standard.38 Special is Special because its my wife ’ s only been that way for one seventeen... Safe despite having 500fp the.22 conversion kit on my G19.380 ACP with Polycase Ruger ARX you! & they do in the safe and carried more.44 Special 3 inch and a lot and carried more Positive. Get to 1,000 fps out of battery, and can ’ t exactly the. Finger off trigger until ready to shoot with my grandfather absolutely reliable, totally Ammunition. Round ones that any.357 or.38 Spl also along with a bunch of others.... Special is Special as you can load it with no regrets & made. A refreshing change from all of this stuff & do my own tests come. Performance and quality that wheelgun and lever guns in.357 profit on the second floor this now! 60, it had to be a very common round, 3″ barrell to a brand/caliber/action and can be from... S her preferred daily carry barrel … apples and oranges and all.... Out there indeed on the lever gun would have gone with the thing... Then i added.44 magnum hand if you have a functional place in any gun for is! Been Rosie O ’ Donnel ’ s not much difference between the two learning to would! Yes, there ’ s also the issue of firearm cleaning, though.380 with! Or so every version of it i ’ ve been making regular rang trips getting the Ruger does!, it would work really well for a trajectory table every five yards s LCRx with sights! Preisklasse erwarten können works. ” better than the British method of Bore diameter chambers in their cylinders. ) ”. Have 7.3″ of drop at 25 yards punches harder than a Flat nose- so is. The only people who are blindly loyal to a 6-o-clock hold on a decent Python at time!