The College will accept no more than 10 course units for transfer during an entire traditional academic YEAR. Bioscience Technologies (Biotechnology, Cytotechnology, Medical Technology) Prerequisite Requirements - (Must earn a 'C' or better in all transferable coursework) 2+2 BS Program credits 3+1 BS Program credits 3+2 Entry-Level BS/MS Program credits … 3. Transfer Programs: View the first two years of recommended coursework for any major at the four-year institutions: Transcript Evaluation: To view a course-by-course evaluation or see how your courses complete a transfer program, enter your courses manually or request an electronic transcript be sent to NJ Transfer … Courses in a foreign language will transfer for a language major or minor if they are literature or culture courses. For the purpose of all transfer transactions, the Muhlenberg course unit should be considered equivalent to 4 semester credit hours. 1. The Dean of Global Education must sign and approve your form with all its attachments. Courses abroad cannot be taken as Pass/Fail. The online Transfer Credit Center is a tool to help you begin to understand how your credits may transfer to West Chester University. Biology courses for transfer must be taken within the last 5 years; ... JFK Muhlenberg … Listed below are the Policies we follow with respect to transferring credit to Muhlenberg. Typically we admit 30-40 transfers every fall and another 10-15 for spring. Additional information may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar. You will need to check with your program and faculty advisors to see which of the courses could earn you transfer credit. Transfer candidates who are considering our full-time residential program contact our Transfer Team. Transfer credit is evaluated by the Office of Admissions and Academic Program Directors. Muhlenberg College Course Equivalency Guide Bioscience Technologies (Biotechnology, Cytotechnology, Medical Laboratory Sciences) Prerequisite Requirements -(Must earn a 'C' or better in all transferable coursework) 2+2 BS Program credits 3+1 BS Program credits 3+2 Entry-Level BS/MS Program credits Accelerated Professional MS Program credits Students need to request approval through the Office of Global Education. Graduate schools, some employers, and Phi Beta Kappa will calculate your GPA including courses taken abroad. Any courses you want to count for a major or minor must be pre-approved by your department chair, and NOT your advisor. Transfer courses are evaluated in one of two ways, either they are equivalent to a specific course at … Muhlenberg College requires a minimum of 16 credits. Final determination of transfer credit will be made by … If you are taking a foreign language course abroad, it will most likely count as an elective towards graduation, and not as an "FL.". With good prior planning, you can study abroad no matter what your MAJOR or MINOR is!!! The number of admitted transfer students each semester is directly related to the total enrollment at Muhlenberg. Up to 36 transfer credits are available for comparable course credit; 40 transfer credits for holders of baccalaureate degrees. The college course did not fulfill a … In all cases, Muhlenberg College can accept transfer courses only with an official academic transcript from a regionally accredited higher education institution where courses have been successfully completed. You will need to provide them to any graduate school you apply to and for some of your future employment opportunities. Anatomy and Physiology I & II and Microbiology must be taken within the last five years to be transferable. Questions? Your grades from abroad MATTER!!! Course Transfer Information To recieve credit toward the Philosophy major or minor for a transfer course, course abroad, or other non-Muhlenberg philosophy course, the following materials should … They are very difficult to obtain on a timely basis once you are home. List the course(s) you will be taking at the host institution: In the box labeled Notes/Restrictions, indicate how many host institution credits or units. Some courses will qualify for the DE (human difference or global engagement) requirement if they are approved by the Curriculum Committee. Keene State recognizes transferable credit for 15 courses at Muhlenberg College. Culture courses can sometimes count as an "AR" (art) or "HU" (humanities) or "SL (social science) division course requirement. This list is neither an official determination nor a guarantee of transfer credit equivalencies. All your grades will be converted to A through F for purposes of determin­ing if the course WILL COUNT AS CREDIT toward graduation units earned. With our TuitionCharge® service, Tuition Management Systems can take a single credit card … General Education courses are taken at Union County College - Cranford, Elizabeth or Plainfield campuses. Let me explain. Holders of BA/BS degrees may transfer in 40 relevant credits. Registration & Academic Services, in consultation with the faculty of Lehigh University, will make the final determination on which college credits will transfer to the institution. Elective and GAR courses: The Dean of Global Education approves all other courses, either electives towards graduation, or courses for a general academic requirement. Strive for that too. We welcome transfers to Muhlenberg, and we accept transfer students in both the fall and spring. Courses completed at a regionally accredited institution with a grade of C (C = 2.0) or better will be reviewed … Transferring Abroad Courses to your Muhlenberg Transcript: Courses taken abroad will NOT transfer unless you had them pre-approved on the Transfer Course Authorization for StudyAbroad form BEFORE you arrived at your host institution. The courses taught at the high school must cover the same competencies as courses taught at RACC and the teacher must meet adjunct faculty qualifications. Course Equivalency Guide . To do so: 1. On Friday, Aug. 24, 29 new transfer students arrived on campus to begin their transition to the Muhlenberg community. In all cases, Muhlenberg College can accept transfer courses … However, one may transfer up to 36 comparable credits (40 for those with a bachelor’s degree), into the program. © You CANNOT take any course abroad to count as a cluster course. Our office will forward all the documentation to the Registrar after your transcript arrives. Unfortunately, we cannot provide this service to all transfer applicants, but only to admitted transfers. Admission of Transfer … You’ll find directions in the Transfer checklist. Courses taken abroad will NOT transfer unless you had them pre-approved on the Transfer Course Authorization for Study Abroad form BEFORE you arrived at your host institution. Many universities accept transfer applications … If you have previously matriculated at another post-secondary institution, you’re a transfer applicant. Transfer Course Authorization Instructions: What to do first:  Consult the online or hard copy course catalog for the program/institution you are attending. Have your ACT or SAT-I scores sent to Muhlenberg If submitting test scores, ACT or SAT scores can be self-reported on your Common Application or you may submit a copy of your score reports via email to… Transfer admission is granted on a space-contingent basis. Even if you have not earned credit at another institution, you can’t apply to Muhlenberg as a freshman. Generally, you cannot take an RG (reasoning) requirement abroad. YOU should too! Remember to find out from someone in the administrative staff at your host institution how to request and pay for an official transcript of your study abroad semester. Transfer from New Jersey County or Community Colleges. Before departure from the United States, students must arrange credit transfer with their Advisors/Department Heads, Dean, or Office of International Education, who must sign the IAU Study Abroad Approval Form signifying that work completed at IAU will receive credit … No more than 16 transferred course units may contribute to the 34 course units required to earn a bachelor's degree at Muhlenberg. Students are eligible for dual enrollment courses by an evaluation of PA standardized assessme… RACC has partnered with area high schools to offer college credit for college-level courses students take at their high school. The general education courses are the same across all tracks. Deadlines Fall transfer admission: June 15Spring transfer admission: January 15. Before you come home, we recommend you purchase several copies to have in your possession for your future. In order to do this, we’ll need an official college transcript reflecting your grades as well as course descriptions from the appropriate college catalog. In order to do this, we’ll need an official college transcript … Muhlenberg College .